Crystalien Conflict

There were many things wrong with this guide, thus, I came in to fix stuff. ~R39

Crystalien Conflict is a Sci-Fi RTS game that’s part of the Mars Mission Lego franchise. Its setting is Mars, you can play as the Astronauts or the Aliens.

Play it at:


Astronaut regular levels

You are the Mission Commander, You send the first expedition to mars, and you discover energy crystals. The mission reports seeing strange glares in the distance…

Level 1: Password: mars

The Eagle Command Base is built, and you send a Crystal Miner for the crystals. This level is easy, follow the instructions to collect the gems and you win after that.

Level 2: Password: powerup

You discovered Life on Mars! you try to greet them, but apparently, they’re mad at you for mining on their territory. Move the infantry around to find the aliens scattered about, and attack, you win when they’re eliminated.

Level 3: Password: niceman

an alien damaged the miner. move it to the safety of the Eagle Base, then the game starts teaching you to build buildings. You will get a Power Plant, a Training Camp, and then you send the engineer to fix the miner. Now you can send out the Infantry. Note that you can now build defense stations to protect your base, but be aware of the energy they use, and build another power plant if energy runs low. Be careful in the alien-infested area, there are 3 hidden Speeders east of your base, which are slightly stronger vehicles, but if your infantry work in groups they can kill them (or lure them to the defense stations).

Level 4: Password: buggy

This level introduces the Radar Station and the trike. Collect the Alien capsule to gain credits, but quickly either retreat to your base in the west, or kill the speeder that was waiting for you. Next, use more infantry or trikes to kill the aliens. The white dots on the radar are Astronaut forces and Black is alien forces.

Level 5: Password: flyboy

You now can build Astro Fighters from the Radar Station. Build up your base and mine crystals for more credits but be careful! Dragon Cruisers, which look like large Speeders are patrolling and will try to tear apart your miner. When you have enough astro fighters, kill the 2 drones and dragon cruiser sitting on the southeast cliff where other units cant reach. Dragon Cruisers can attack land and air units so be careful. Only occasionally will an enemy come to your base, but have defenses ready, otherwise they’ll pack a punch.

Level 6: Password: range

You have spotted the first alien structures. The level is divided by a lake of acid, with your base on one side and an alien breeding pit on the other. The technology Centre allows you to train Jetpack Explorers. It is recommended that you build Defense stations becasee the Vipers are flying over to “visit” you. Build defenses and guard your miner(s) using Jetpacks. Focus on building Jetpacks and Fighters. When you have a good air force ready, launch it between the turrets and try to avoid any shots if you can (fighters should be quick enough to take minimal damage). You can also send your jetpacks if you don’t feel the need to use them as defense anymore. Take out the buildings to win.

Level 7: Password: stomp

The most fearsome Astro Vehicle yet: the Clawtank Ambush, is now in action. You start with 3 Clawtanks and a few Jetpack Explorers. Build your base up, while successfully protecting from the Dragon Cruisers and the Vipers, mainly with turrets north and east of you. Get 2 miners and guard them with jetpacks. Build as many units as you can. Send the patrol of infantry, trikes, jetpackers, and clawtanks (and maybe astro fighters) to search for hidden enemies and capsules. A turret is up north and an alien base with the battle foundry is northeast. If your army is strong enough the aliens will be gone when the smoke clears. Use engies to repair your clawtanks if they’re taking a lot of hits.

Level 8: Password: ufo

Your Recon Dropship crash-lands miles from your base. Some infantry and engineers are stranded. Move someone to the nearby crate and a trike will pop out. move south to find some drones and an abandoned training camp. kill the drones, collect the capsules and send an engineer to take the camp. You can now train another engineer after you do this. Move the camera all the way to the south, and click the dropship there. pick up your crew (trike will have to stay behind) and move just west of where the ship started. unload and open the crate to get a jetpack. fly him over the cliff to kill the drones protecting the abandoned Eagle Command Base. Now get the dropship with rest of crew in it over and send your other engi to take over the base. You can do what you want here now. there are a few turrets (including the one near your new base), dragon cruisers and speeders in the area. take control of the 2 energy generators to keep the turrets out of the equation, collect the crate in the far north (near the northern turret), to get a free clawtank, kill everyone: the end!

Level 9: Password: elton

Your goal is to send the engineer to the Alien Experiment Lab up north and take it over. (destroying it causes you to lose), easy right? NO! There are Turrets protecting it. move the engineer in the dropship and search for crates. (there are 5. 4 have jetpacks and 1 has a clawtank). when you get the group together, destroy all of the Energy Generators (to the west and east of the lab) so that the turrets go offline. then just land the dropship and let the engi do his work. Careful not to accidentally take over one of the turrets instead, then you can’t complete the level.

Scroll down for Conflict Mode

Alien Regular levels

The Aliens are a defensive species native to mars. They use Energy Crystals to power everything they have. But it seems like something else is causing these Crystals to disappear…

Level 1: Password: earth

Astronauts landed near where an average Martian Drone lives, time to investigate. move the drone to the crate, the Astronauts and the rocket just blow up after that. Teehee

Level 2: Password: zapper

Some Astros are mining your gems! move your drones northwest, sneaking past the patrollers, and awake your sleeping friend in the capsule. Now you have 4 drones, destroy the infantry, then the miner should be no trouble at all!

Level 3: Password: extra

Now its time for desperate measures. The Commander orders the Mothership to land. Build a Generator and get gems with the extractor. Just protect it from infantry near where the crystals are.

Level 4: Password: retreat

A scouting Speeder discovers an Astro Training Camp!! Astros begin to notice you and come out of it. Run back to your base. Build some Energy Generators, a Breeding Pit, and some assault turrets. Make sure your extractor is doing its job. Infantry, engineers, and trikes will come to take over your base. When the forces get weaker, destroy the Training Camp.

Level 5: Password: doctor

A clawtank in the outskirts of the battlefields attacked your speeder. he escapes narrowly, but now is damaged. First, train a Saboteur to fix him. You can use this breeding pit to train more saboteurs if your speeder gets damaged again, but watch out; you’ll eventually run out of crystals, and likewise, repairs. move carefully and explore through the fog. Don’t travel too far west yet. Kill all the hiding astros, ready yourself, then charge all the way west, passing the 2 defense stations and the clawtank. Open every crate you see and the result will be an army of speeders ganging up the clawtank. Victory!

Level 6: Password: scramble

This map is similar to astro level 6: 2 bases divided by an acid lake (astros on the left aliens on the right) and 2 assault turrets in the middle. Except the screen is larger. Jetpacks will try to attack you. The size of the map means a big enough space between the 2 turrets for the astros to fit in unharmed. Build some more Turrets so that they have most of the island guarded, and a 2nd extractor. then build Strike Fighters with the new Sonar Station. Your extractors will eventually travel farther south for more crystals, but if you have turrets everywhere then they’ll mine safe no matter where they go. Send them to aim for the Training camp first so the jetpack invasion ends quickly. They WILL take damage so have saboteurs ready and rebuild any crashed fighters. Next go for the Power Plants. The turrets will stop working when you get all of the plants. Blow up everything else after this, the Clawtank will be the only thing stopping you.

Level 7: Password: flow

The Mothership is being assaulted by the astros, then a Dragon Cruiser saves the day, but the mothership is damaged. Move the Dragon Cruiser just a little to the west. then put the speeder on the high ground south of the Mothership. The astros are doing a really dumb tactic: Spam! this is similar to those “tower defender” games where the enemies don’t attack you but you can blow them up and keep them from reaching the end of the trail. The Dragon Cruiser will kill off the swarm of Engineers. Move around on top of the cliff until you find a crate with another dragon cruiser. send the new one down to help his brother. Next move the speeder back to the mothership, then go up the northern cliff. Move almost all the way to the end and get the alien capsule. With this money you can build an energy generator as a shield. If only 1 engineer makes it through, he’ll take over the generator instead. Keep advancing your crew of 2 cruisers and 1 speeder to the west. When you find the monolith, you’re almost there. Keep killing the spam until you have the training camp in view. Be prepared for a trike to strike, and make sure its distraction doesn’t let any engies through. Send the speeder past the turrets only AFTER you kill the trike, so it can safely cut the power, now you can destroy the training camp and you will be the victor!

Level 8: Password: redalert

The Astros have a huge base, with an excessive amount of turrets and powerplants to power them. They will constantly send astro fighters to attack you 2 at a time. Build a 2nd extractor (protect both with your new vipers), breeding pit, and as many turrets as you can power. There’s even a nice little mesa for you to build a turret on! When Your base is protected with enough turrets, send saboteurs to the 2 power plants close to you and put 2 turrets next to them to make a buffer zone. Now make a radar station and a foundry. Be wary of enemies flanking from the west. Send a dragon cruiser squad to the Vehicle Factory on the left side of the Astro Base, preferably killing the lone turret on the way. Knock Out their Power Supply while you’re at it. do the same to the camp on the east side, replacing your cruisers if you have to (there’s also a capsule on each side for more credits). Leave the technology centre standing for now. If you take out just one more power plant, you can freeze the turrets (technically they freeze when it’s half health). With the power plant gone, the radar station is easy pickings, and without the air raids, the level is no longer a problem.

Level 9: Password: 5050

This is like Astro level 9, but far more difficult. I still have yet to win without using the shields cheat. There’s a turret buffer zone you have to break past. The idea is to use the mass of drones to topple the turrets, but they’ll only be strong enough to get rid of one, which isn’t enough for the dropship or the saboes to get by. No clue man.

Conflict Mode

Level 10 for both sides: Astro Password: eclipse, Alien Password: nightfall

This one took me many, many tries. The first thing you must know is that the map is the same for both sides. The Astro base is southwest, Astro outpost southeast, Alien base northeast, and Alien outpost northwest. Both bases have a natural “wall” that has only 1 way in by land. When you begin, you only start with an HQ, a turret at your entrance, a miner, 2 jetpacks/vipers, 1 tank/cruiser, 1 trike/speeder, and your outpost will have a turret and a power station. The enemy will be fully built though: teched all the way to their uplink, 2 entrance turrets as well as a turret on every wall spot (the wall has flat ground spots that are just big enough to build a turret), 1 miner, and their outpost will have 2 turrets. They also have 2 tanks patrolling the center area, and a random ground troop by both of the outposts. Their primary weapon will be fighters, since they’re fast, hit-and-run damaging, and can bypass your wall.

Start building as quickly as you can. Get a power and a training/breeding down. Send your tank to guard the lake near your miner. Then all ground enemies will have to either fight your tank or go around, to get hit by your outpost, which you should put a 2nd turret on next. Get another entrance turret, a 2nd miner, and a radar/sonar. Fill all the wall spots with turrets when you can. If you can do the “place stuff anywhere” glitch then you can get a base on the other side of the wall. This is neither required nor recommended, but you are welcome to try it. Keep defending yourself from the air raids, and repair damaged buildings. Send an engi to your tank if it takes a lot of damage. Now and then trikes/speeders, jetpacks/vipers, and engies will try to get into your base. Get a 3rd miner built, and an extra one you keep in your base in case of emergencies. Occasionally, the enemy will nuke you (indicated by an explosion and the music changing). Repair all affected buildings and rebuild whatever was destroyed right away. With 3 working miners, your economy should be enough to sustain yourself from the attacks, as well as tech up to uplink. Once your uplink is on and powered, send a unit squad of your choice (recommended: fighters) and focus fire their power supply and miner. Do not destroy any non-power buildings. Repair and replace every time your squad comes back from destroying a power. Also build nukes (EM pulse cannon/4t2 ion disruptor) when you can and aim them directly over a power. That one should shatter and the ones next to it will take heavy damage. When you destroy enough, their turrets will shut down. You are free to storm their base.

From here on, it should be easy since you’ve pretty much won. At this point the air raids should stop coming, and their only attacks will be single units, and a nuke now and then. You can do whatever you want now. You can build a max size army and storm their defenseless base, you can send fighters to their HQ and nuke to finish it off. You can airdrop an engi to take over their camp, then make more from there and take all the buildings. If you destroy the HQ, you automatically win, but if you take it over with an engi, you can keep playing now with both Astro and Alien stuff until the last enemy unit is gone. Then it’s GG!


New Technology has been developed for both sides. Some astronauts mining discovered the Alien Hive at Olympus Mons. What could this mean for the war?? Find out in the newer Specops Mode

Astro Specops

The all-new Hypersonic Ops Aircraft replaces the Eagle Command Base. It can shoot enemies and produce Switch Fighters. The Miners are replaced with the MT-201 Ultra Drill Walker (or just driller). The only building that you build over crystals.

Specops 1: Password: drill

A driller is going to be built, but then, an ETX infiltrator fires, which scatters the supplies. Move your Switch Fighter around to collect crates. a few enemies will attack, but its no big deal if the switch fighter is in midair. In the far east and west are 2 ETX infiltrators that will attack you. They are equally powerful to the switch fighter so you need full health or you will get killed. If you do die, build another switch fighter. There’s nothing wrong with this, except that it means you have to get more crates. when you have 3000 credits, you can build the driller over the patch of crystals just south of your base. Then you win.

Specops 2: Password: cavein

Vipers come out of the alien hive (strange considering the hive can’t produce vipers) to attack your driller. It has an auto repair, but if you run out of credits, you’re in trouble. Move the Crystal reapers to the west. There will be a few drones and speeders. When you reach the engineers, open the crate for another reaper. Each crystal reaper can only hold 1 troop Put the engies in the ones that have full health. Venture to the driller (being careful of the hidden enemies, especially the dragon cruisers and ETX infiltrators), unload, then fix the driller. There are also 2 alternate options: send 1-2 switchfighters to kill the vipers, and wait for the driller to reach full health OR: build your own engineers to load into crystal reapers or a dropship, the path might be different and dragon cruisers and ETX infiltrators are still dangerous either way.

Specops 3: Password: jacks

The not-so-climactic finale. The Ops aircraft descends into the hive. Open the 4 crates for 2 Clawtanks and 2 trikes. There are 2 spots to build crystal reapers next to the Ops aircraft. And as many power plants as you need can be built. Move a bit south to reveal 2 assault turrets. destroy these, and build your base up down the path. If you move south  you will find 2 paths with Christmas presents at the ends. One will have the Alien commander in it, who attacks you immediately and will take a lot of your troops down before you kill him, and the other will have 10000 credits. With the credit gift and 2 drillers, money is absolutely no object. To the east and west of the central platform, are 4 ETX infiltrators. 1 surrounded by drones, 1 by vipers, 1 by dragon cruisers, and 1 by speeders. Send your forces to each, and get the crates they were guarding as a reward. Building a maxed army is possible, but it does get really crowded.

Alien Specops: Password: theylive

The Alien Commander does a Falco-style jump out of his ship. A large group of infantry and a trike will atack you. Clear this swarm and move along the path. You will find some jetpacks and some power plants, destroying 1 of them gives you a crate for credits. Fight off some more enemies and destroy the training camp and tech centre for another crate. Now take the path and go north as soon as you can to avoid being seen by a crystal reaper. Destroy the driller and any enemies that try to stop you. A switch fighter is patroling the next area. Move up, avoid or kill the turret, then take out the plants (one with a crate) and the vehicle factory (a trike might appear to stop you). Move all the way west for another power plant, and south for a turret. This next plant has the 4th crate. Bash through the 2 turrets, and use all your force on the Hypersonic Ops Aircraft. The crates will have given you enough credits for 2 ion distrupters.

Other Alien Specops (not a level)

There are no other Alien Specops ): but if you do Astro Specops 2, and get a recon Dropship, you can send engineers to the alien hive to take it over. (you will need 5 engineers and triple health because the hive fires at you). You will be able to build Alien Buildings and the ETX infiltrator!

Bonus Levels

these levels can only be accessed with the passwords, and they aren’t part of the Mars Mission Saga.

Bonus 1: Password: pizza

Your astros want pizza, but it’s expensive! Build up a base, you won’t be able to build anything beyond a radar station (clawtanks, tech centres ect.). Keep your army close to your miner, and get multiple miners when you can. It is possible to invade the alien camp (far north), but not recommended. When you get 5000 credits, buy the pizza. It appears in a random place in this area so you will have to search for it. You win once you find the pizza. The map of this level’s terrain looks like a pizza with a slice being cut out, this slice is where your base is. Nom nom nom.

Bonus 2: Password: match

Very similar to the pizza level, but much harder. You can only build power plants, training camps and the soccer pitch. Use your infantry and move to the giant plateau to the east where the drones and saboes come from. Block their assaults while your miner(s) get the crystals. Whenever you reach 19660 credits (making the soccer pitch the most expensive unit in the entire game), move your infantry so that the fog is cleared on the entire plateau, then move them out of the way. now build the soccer pitch on the plateau, the only area big enough to fit the pitch. Engineers and Saboteurs will come up to stand on the pitch, and then you win. This level would be more interesting if it would actually show the game being played. The alien base is surrounded by turrets and it has the mothership in it. You can invade it… If you have cheats that is.

Bonus 3: Password: manic

You’re trying to watch a concert from earth, but aliens messed up your reception. Move the trike around the map to collect the capsules for money. You can use this money to build Satellite uplinks. When you have 4, and enough power to work them, you will win. That’s the setup, but its a bit harder. Strike fighters will constantly attack your base. So you have to get the capsules as quickly as possible and replace anything they destroy. If you have at least 1 uplink, and it has power, you can use the radar to find the next capsule (the still black dot). Make your way through the guitar shaped terrain to each new capsule. Don’t bother destroying the alien sonar station, You can’t even reach it!

Bonus 4: Password: temple

Bonus 5: Password: checkmate

this is tougher than it looks. Its a game of Martian chess, except without the moving rules. Rooks are saboteurs, knights are vipers, bishops are speeders, pawns are drones, the king is an extractor and the queen is a dragon cruiser. The astros have the advantage of their rooks being replaced with 2 queens (clawtanks). As long as your extractor doesn’t die and their king (the miner) does, you win. Move 2 pawns on the same column as the trike to the left of their king. The pawns should be standing in a line. move down 1 space at a time until they automatically kill the infantry in front of the trike. You can get an extra pawn and maybe your bishop at this part. attack the trike and then a chaotic chain reaction will take place which, if your’re lucky ends up in your queen surviving, the left side of the astros almost completely cleared out, and the astro queen dead. move the queen left of the miner and it will automatically attack. the miner will attempt to escape, don’t follow it. it will move around where other aliens can attack it. Check and Mate!

Bonus 6: Password: santa

Santa is on his way to mars and the aliens and astros interfere with his Christmas mission. He crash-lands on Mars’s ice caps, scattering the presents. This map has alien units on the right and their astro counterpart on the left. The reindeer are useless so don’t even try attacking anybody with them. Get the first present in plain view. The second one is all the way south. On both sides of you in the south area is a trike/speeder and a power plant/generator. Destroy the units on one side first and then get the present which heals you. Move back to the sleigh and go to the southwest for 3 jetpacks, a turret, and a present. In the north part is an infantry, a drone and a present. Northwest is a clawtank and a present and the astro turret you saw earlier. Northeast has 3 drones and a present. Southeast has 2 dragon cruisers and the final present. 3 vipers and a turret are watching the Northeast and Southeast. When you get the 7 presents, the reindeer will go back to the sleigh from wherever you left them, and you will take off again, you win! The astro troops and alien troops are on the astro side (firing blue lasers) and Santa is as you can see, on the alien side. The map is shaped like a snowflake.

Bonus 7: Password: amaze


Level Passwords

by each level is a password, type it in to go to that level.


  • Fatwallet- 50000 credits
  • 299792458- fastbuild
  • n00b or newbie- triple health
  • Awesome- rapid fire
  • Clearskies- deletes fog of war
  • Moneypenny- Activates all of the above cheats
  • 1337- Deactivates all of the above cheats
  • Fullscreen- play in full screen, press Esc to deactivate
  • Beeblebrox- Testmode


Go to: for an full explaination of Beeblebrox (the testmode cheat)

More than max glitch

If you are quick enough, when your building for example, strike fighters with a max of 4, AS SOON AS the 4th one is built, quickly click again and if you’re lucky, a 5th will be built. If you do this too early, it cancels building the 4th strike fighter, if you do this too late, it will just say max built and you can’t build an extra. You can do this cheat/glitch with any unit that isn’t a building.

A building related glitch with the same principle of moving quickly does exist. If you move the cursor instantly after placing a building, the building will place wherever you moved the cursor, ignoring anything that would’ve kept it from being placed before. So you can place it on cliffs/rocks, crystal fields, acid, and even other buildings.

Unit Guide

*- Specops mode only.

Astro name/alien counterpart-cost-max-info

Eagle Command Base/Mothership-N/A-1-your HQ, from it you can build a miner/extractor and most buildings.

Crystal Miner/Crystal Extractor-1400-4-drives around, mines crystals, and returns them to your HQ. Can usually mine 1000 credits worth of crystals per trip.

Power Plant/Energy Generator-800-8-provides energy. The more buildings you have, the more of these you’ll need, if power is low, construction will slow down and radar shuts off, if power is insufficient, turrets go offline.

Infantry/Drone-200-5- a basic troop. Slow speed, low health and ground-to-ground gun. comes from training camp/breeding pit

Training Camp/Breeding Pit-500-2- requires HQ and at least 1 power plant/generator. From this you can train infantry/drones, engineers/saboteurs, and later jetpacks/vipers if you have a Tech Centre/Experiment Lab

Engineer/Saboteur-500-5- Similar stats to infantry/drone, spawns from training camp/breeding pit. Can take control of enemy buildings and heal damaged vehicles and buildings. Before the Hive Edition Update, saboteurs were known as infiltrators.

Defense Station/Assault Turret-1500-12- a special building that attacks with multishot laser. A HQ and at least 1 training camp/breeding pit is required to build this. If power is insufficient, these won’t work. On some versions, the Assault Turret is called the “Defense Coil”

Trike/Speeder-600-5- the fastest land vehicle, has ground to ground gun and low-average health. Built from vehicle factory/battle foundry.

Radar Station/Sonar Station-1000-1- once your training camp/breeding pit is built, you can make this. It shows every part of the map not covered by the fog of war on the radar. Requires power.

Vehicle Factory/Battle Foundry-2000-2- Requires Training/Breeding building. It creates vehicles such as trikes/speeders and clawtanks/dragon cruisers. On some versions of the game, the battle foundry is called the “War Factory’

Astro Fighter/Strike Fighter-1200-4- An air unit built from the radar/sonar station. Annoying to use. It can only land on its landing field (the radar/sonar) and it only attacks what you tell it to, ignoring everything else in its path. It has a limited amount of multishot lasers so It will shoot a few times and go back to base to reload. It has really low health, but it can do a ton of damage. Make a full fleet of these focus turrets and other buildings you need picked off, but don’t expect all of them to make it back.

Jetpack Explorer/Viper Attack-600-5- pretty much a flying infantry/drone. Spawns from the training camp/breeding pit only after you built a tech centre/experiment lab. Shoots the multishot laser, but at a really slow rate. Good for protecting mines or for scouting.

Technology Centre/Experiment Lab-2000-1- Doesn’t produce anything, but is important in the techtree: Once it’s built, you can train jetpacks/vipers, dropships/carriers, and the uplink. Can be built after you have a radar/sonar and a vehicle factory/battle foundry.

Claw-tank ambush/Dragon cruiser-1200-5- The deadliest land vehicle of all, built from the vehicle factory/battle foundry after you have a radar station. High health, multishot laser, and medium-slow speed.

Recon Dropship/Hyper Carrier-2-1000- Flies around at average speed, used to transport infantry/drones, engineers/saboteurs, and jetpacks/vipers from place to place faster. Can hold up to 9 passengers. Built from vehicle factory/battle foundry after you have a tech centre/experiment lab. Can not attack.

Satillite Uplink/Orbital Uplink- Can be built after you have a tech centre/experiment lab. It improves your radar map by deleting the fog of war completely. Also, on conflict mode, once this is built, you can fire a EM pulse cannon/4t2 Ion Distrupter.

EM pulse cannon/4T2 Ion Distrupter-3000-N/A- a deadly nuke/laser superweapon that can usually kill multiple buildings in 1 hit and severely damage nearby units. Can be used after you have an uplink (conflict mode only) or by the alien commander. If your enemy fires this, the background music changes. It is actually possible to kill yourself with this weapon. Only a building with triple health or the HQ can survive a direct hit.

*Hypersonic Ops Aircraft/Alien Hive-N/A-1- A Specops version of the Eagle Command Base/Mothership. Functions, except rather than building miners/extractors, it can build switch fighters/ETX infiltrators and MT-201 Drillers (Ops Aircraft only). Additionally, this improved HQ automatically fires at enemies, similar to a turret.

*Switch Fighter/ETX Infiltrator-1500-2- Built from the Specops HQ (Ops Aircraft/Hive). It flies to move but switches to ground mode and lands when it reaches its destination. Its high speed, flight, and damage output make it one of the most useful units in the game. Makes the same Sound FX for shooting and taking damage as the Astro/Strike fighter.

*MT-201 driller (astros only)-3000-???- The Specops version of the Miner. A building that can be built anywhere on the map as long as every tile it’s placed on is a crystal patch. With one of these, you will receive 500 credits every few seconds.

*Crystal Reaper (astros only)-900-2- Similar to the Clawtank but with less health, and can carry 1 infantry/drone, engineer/saboteur, or jetpack/viper as a passenger. Makes same sound FX for shooting and taking damage as the Clawtank.

Rocket (astros only)-N/A-N/A- Has the exact same use as Eagle Command Base but with less health. Only appears in Alien level 1 and is destroyed when you collect the crate. Using the “enemy glitch” (see beeblebrox cheat page), you can use the rocket, but you can’t build anything because you can’t get credits without automatically winning.

*Alien Commander (aliens only)-N/A-???- A powerful Alien. Only seen in Alien Specops and in Astro Specops 3 (if you open the presents). He is like a drone, but walks a bit faster, has more health, and fires the ground-to-ground and multishot laser AT THE SAME TIME. With Rapid Fire and Triple Health, he is completely unstoppable. He shoots fast even without rapid fire. Can launch 4t2 ion disruptor if you have 3000 credits.

Santa’s Sleigh-N/A-1- Only appears in Santa level. Works like a Radar Station/Sonar station.

Reindeer-N/A-8- A low-health, slow-moving unit that does nothing. Appears only in santa level

Santa-N/A-1- Has Low health but medium-fast speed. Fires ground-to-ground laser but its able to hit flying enemies.

Pizza Delivery-5000-1- Once its built, it appears on a random area on the map, it can be collected afterwards.

Soccer Pitch-19660-1- The largest building in the entire game. Finding room for it is hard. When its built, Engineers and Saboteurs will go on either side of it to play soccer against each other.

Special thanks:

Comander7 for Alien level 8

DracoSupreme for conflict mode

  1. SpikyHankBurger

    I love this game!

  2. First of all, level nine of regular alien levels isn’t impossible because I have done it. All you have to do is take out the power plants. Second, for the soccer pitch just go to the middle of the map.

  3. The Max Glitch is REALLY hard

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