Voya Nui Online Game

Voya Nui Online Game is a game based off of the 2006 storyline of BIONICLE, where the Toa Inika travel to the floating island of Voya Nui to find Kanohi Ignika (the mask of life) to save the Great Spirit from dying. Most of the events in the VNOG are non-canonical (different from the storyline). The 2 hugest examples are that 1. the water toa (hahli) and all of the Piraka are shown in their prototype formes, rather than the formes the sets were released in and 2. The Color of the Earth element and the Stone element are switced, earth being brown/orange and stone being black/grey.

the game can be played at http://www.tronec.org/bmp/files/gms/online/VoyaNuiOnlineGame/Launcher.html

Since Its no longer on the LEGO site, playing the game wont save to your lego account, so every time you play you will have to start from the beginning, scroll down to the Cheats section for a solution!


Intro Chapter

Choose your Toa, then you arive at a beach on Northern Voya Nui. Garan will ask you a few questions when you get there, and when you answer them correctly he will send you to kill Ice Gafnas, in the Ring of Ice to the north. Kill 5 Gafnas to collect their ice metal pieces and return to Garan and give him the metal. Next you’ll have to kill the Protodermis Burnak at the Protodermis Lake because it stole Garan’s tools. When you come back, Garan will give you a Defense Kanohi of Water. Now he tells you to collect the Little Metal Fragment and the Heavy Metal Fragment. One is buried in the zone your in, and one is buried somewhere in the zone to the left. Dig the rock piles to collect both, then give them to garan. Now he will ask you to take him to the wood tunnel entry. Its a log-bridge over a river. A Blocking Lava Ape will be guarding the bridge. You are too weak to fight it (the lava ape has 500+ health), so create a diversion then quickly run across the log and continue your trip.

Chapter I: the matoran village

Garan will tell you to go to the nearby matoran village, which was abandoned when the Piraka arrived, and collect a Lifestone, a Power stone, and a Lightstone. 2 are in huts in the central village and 1 is in the zone to the south at the launcher warehouse. Return with the stones. Garan will let you have the Life Stone (it will be in the weapons pocket instead of the Resources). The Scout Nektann in the village set off an alarm! Now 2 guardians and a Defense Nektann are patrolling the central village zone. Destroy them and return to Garan. Escort him to the wasteland (zone west of the village) and recieve your next task. Now Several Nektann are looking for you. The Village, Southern village, and eastern village zones will have Defense Nektanns, Repair Nektanns, and Guardians seeking to destroy you. Clear the village out, then talk to Garan. Reidak discovers your hiding place. He has over 100 HP and a deadly slashing attack. His Zamor attack wont be that terrible though. Beat Reidak by using ranged attacks and running away so he cant get close enough to you. He is aided by 3 Repair Nektanns that, if they end up joining the battle, will heal him and each other. Beat your challengers, and you will recieve the following: 1 earth shard, 1 stone claw, 1 stone zamor launcher, 1 light defense armor of stone, and 1 light defense greaves of stone. talk to garan.

Chapter II: The Coasts of Voya Nui

Garan tells you of Ice Burnak Camps in the northeasternish Ring of Ice. There are 4 camps with Ice Burnaks in them. Go to each one. Clear out the Ice Burnaks. When you return to Garan, he’ll tell you that the Matoran built a Stronghold in order to resist the Piraka Forces. Its in the desert a few zones south of the village. When you enter, move 1 zone down to the south entrance (has 2 rock ussals) Go back up and Talk to balta. He’s in the house on the right by the front entrance to the Fortress. Balta gives you a Fire Claw and sends you back to Garan. He says he can improve your new weapon. This next part is optional. If you want to do it, exit the conversation. If you dont, say “I dont have time for this” and the adventur will continue Optional Part: Move to the very edge of the peninsula where you spent the intro chapter. You will find an improvement kit buried in rocks there. Give it to Garan and the fire claw becomes a fire slash! back to non-optional: Garan says you need armor. Go to Velika in the Matoran Fortress. He’s in the smaller house in the east part of the fortress with Kazi. Velika tells you that you need 5 Water Gafna metal pieces and 5 Water Burnak metal pieces and bring them. Velika gives you Light Defense Greaves of Ice and gives you a key to the box in the larger house next door. Go there and come back. Velika asks you for his equipment and 2 energy stones. Go to the 3 spots in the jungle he mapped for you and retrieve the items. The equipment is in one of the huts at the village. Velika now needs time to work on a locating stone to find thok. Go to garan, and he suggests you kill the Rock Ussals at the south gate. There are normally only 2, but now there are several. Fight them off by luring one into the gate and fighting it alone. Hopefully you will have light or medium armor for extra Action Points. Use your basic elemental attack on the Ussal, and get in the way if it tries to get its friends. Repeat with each one and talk to Garan. The Matoran have found Thok! He’s up north in part of the Ring of Ice. Thok has about 200 HP. Use the same strategy you used on Reidak. He may not look like it, but he has helpers also. He has an ability called “bring life” that makes all of your enemys gain MP. Now the Frozen Trees are like living objects. The trees slide around and use an attack that kills themselves, so its not that bad. After beating Thok and the trees (tree killer!), thok will escape capture. return to Garan…

Chapter III: The Caves of Voya Nui

Garan tells you about the Nui Caves, which may lead to the mask of life. Head down to the cave entrance and defeat the Nektanns. There are 2 Defense Nektanns, 1 Scout Nektann, 1 Repair Nektann, and 1 new enemy, the Debuff Nektann. Clear these out. Dont try to go in because the cave is too dark to travel. Go back to Garan and he decides that Piruk can fix the Burnt-out lightstones in the cave. Piruk has his own problems though. His pet burnak is out of food, and the Matoran cant leave the fortress. Go up to the Ice Burnak Camp and fight the Burnaks there for their food. Bring the food to Piruk. Piruk gives you what you need to fix the lightstones. Go back into the cave. Fight through the Scout Nektanns, go directly foward to a larger cave zone with more Nektanns. Go through the door on the RIGHT. There is an Enslaved Matoran brainwashed to work for the Piraka. Tell Balta about what you found. Balta tells you that Garan knows how to free the Matoran, and Garan will give you some Zamor Spheres that can free the matoran. Take these from Garan, then free the slave. Escort him to the fortress, talk to him and garan, then talk to Piruk. Piruk will help you destroy the Piraka Mining Equipment if you help him first. He needs an Invisibility stone to spy on the Piraka, but some Stone Burnaks have it. Go out the South Entrance of the fortress, and travel east until you reach the jungle. You will find the Stone Burnak Camp. There are rocks you can dig to get a Water Slash. Beat the Burnaks and return to Piruk with the invisibility stone. Piruk gives you a box of metal-eating insects. Go back to the caves in the room BEFORE the slave room and this time go to the left door. You will automatically set the insects and run. Return to garan. He tells you that Piruk found 3 Specail Nektanns protecting the keys to the locked door you saw earlier. Go in the first part of the cave, kill the Key Master (looks like a defense nektann) for Hidden Caves key 1, go in the room that leads to the machines and the slave room for the 2nd Key Master, and go back to the 1st room and take the right door for the 3rd Key. Now go into the locked door. You will find a room with a Defense Nektann, a Guardian, and a Black Nektann. The door on the right leads to a small room with 2 Combat Nektanns, while the Door on the left leads to the path you need. In the path on the left, there’s a Defense Nektann and a Combat Nektann. Fight and advance. You will find the Teleportation Platform and Reidak and Thok are figuring out how to use it! Stop them before they get it to work. Do what you did to them before. They wont have any helpers this time. Thok can use Bring Life to give Reidak more MP, so long-ranged weapons are good here. Take advantage of the sides of the platform if you have to. Winning gives you a slow action pack, an ice shard, an ice zamor launcher, an ice claw, an earth shard, a stone claw, a stone zamor launcher, a light defense armor of stone, and a light defense greaves of stone. Talk to Garan…

Chapter IV: The Voya Nui Desert

Garan wants you to take him to his hideout (which is zone 180 just incase you use the Move Cheat). Go through the caves and take a right (where key master 3 was). Go into the door that was locked in chapter 3, it will lead you to the central-south Desert. You’ll have to move around the Black Rocks reigon because It’s blocked off. Move south through the Desert alongside the Jungle. Go right through the Jungle until you reach the Ring of Ice. There is a small hidden cave that Garan uses as his hideout. Garan gives you some Medium Defense Armor and Light defense Greaves of Earth and tells you to try them out on the earth Rahi 2 zones to the west of the hideout. Theyre all weak enemies. Just a few Earth Gafnas and an Earth burnak. Beat them and go back to garan. Apparantly, Garan saw some Rock Ussals and Fikous while you were gone. the zone between the earth rahi and the hideout has some of these prowlers. and 1 north of that has some more. Kill these. Now Garan will send you to Kazi and he’ll (It calls Kazi a girl in this game, but that was a mess up between Kazi’s and Dalu’s names that was only partly fixed) go with you to collect some Protodermis from the lake. Escort Kazi to the Protodermis Lake. He’ll give you containers to fill with protodermis (if you kill the burnak here now, your future will be easier a few quests later in the future). Take Kazi with you to Garan’s Hideout. Garan tells you that you cant enter the Black Rocks area yet, but you can explore the area around it. Go to the specific mapped zone west of the Black Rocks. You can see over the rocks, and you might notice the Matoran Slave on the other side of the rocks. Go back to Garan and garan tells you about a Piraka Warehouse. Talk to Piruk at the fortress and he gives you some explosives (oh yeah!) Go to the warehouse southwest of the Black Rocks. Go in the cave and take a right (the left is a dead end with 2 Nektanns). Set the bombs, and watch the pretty lights! Teehee! If you go back in the storage room all of the crates will be smashed and burned and stuff. Tell Garan of the explosions, he says that piruk saw Zaktan at the Protodermis Lake ever since you blew up their supplies. Garan gives you a Wind Stone and Medium Attack Armor of Air to help you. Go to the Protodermis Lake for the battle against Zaktan. Zaktan has over 450 HP. Use the usual piraka strategy, but be ESPECIALLY careful to be far from him when you get a message that The insects composing of his skin are moving. Because in the next turn, he’ll use a move called Swarm Will, which lets him hit you with his slash weapon many times in 1 turn, damaging you while Zaktan gains HP he lost. Its devastating. Use the wind stone if you dont have enough MP to escape him. The Protodermis Burnak will help him unless you killed it earlier. Kill Zaktan and the Burnak if you havent done so to get: a Defense Great Kanohi of air, an Attack Great Kanohi of air, an Air Slash, and the usual shards that the Protodermis Burnak gives you. Talk to Garan…

Chapter V: The Black Rocks

Garan finds out that the Black Rocks entrance is open. There are 4 Flocks of Hikakis that he asks you to kill. If you go west from his hideout all the way to the black rocks, then move a zone or two north, you will find underground stairs where a pile of rocks used to be (zone 515). Once you enter the reigon, you will see a lot of black rocks (imagine that) and Fire Gafnas and Burnaks. Move to where the Hikaki Flocks are and kill each one. Now Garan tells you that there is Buried equipment in the Black Rocks, but Its too hard to dig. Go to Velika to get carving tools. He needs Fikou Metal Pieces so he can build the tools you need to dig. Go to the deserts/jungles on the other end of the Nui Caves and battle 10 Fikous to get their Metal. Return with the Metal Pieces now. Velika will will make the Carving tools so you can dig through rocks at the Black Rocks area. Go back to garan. Garan shows you one of the 3 caves with a slave in it. Go to the mapped spot and find the cave entrance. 2 Combat Nektanns and a Guardian are waiting for you. Go through, and talk to the slave. He shows you where the 1st buried equipment is, Take him to the equipment, dig it up, then talk to him again. He wants to go to Garan’s hideout (hey how did he know about it??). Take him there and give Garan the 1st equipment. Repeat with the 2nd, except the 2nd cave is unguarded. Same thing for 3rd, except now the matoran forgot where he buried the equipment, so you need to find it yourself. Go 1 zone west then 1 south to find the equipment (there is a kofu jaga on the inside of the Black Rocks and you can see a jungle on the other side if your in the correct place). Go back to where you left the slave. Once again, take him to garan and give the equipment. Garan says all the weapon the pieces built needs now is 3 Ussal Crab Shells. Ussal Crabs are more aggresive than Rock Ussals. Go to the map location, you will be in a zone with a tree-trunk bridge and 3 Rock Ussals. Go on the right side of the bridge and move behind the rock pillars. This was difficult for me to find, so click around these pillars until you fall in the cave. Fight the Ussal Crabs and take their shells, then bring what you hunted back to Garan. He builds it into the Stone Ripper, one of the deadliest melee weapons. Garan tells you that Zaktan hid stuff from the other piraka in a cave with 3 entrances. Go to the Black Rocks and find all 3 entrances (you dont have to go in). Answer Garan’s question when your finished. He’ll ask you if you hit your head if you give him the wrong answer, but if you tell him that there were Master Nektanns guarding the caves, he’ll tell you to go into the most lightly guarded entrance and avoid the Nektanns at all cost. The easiest way is going to the 2nd entrance. It takes you straight to a room with a supply box. Open it for an Ice Power Launcher. Go to the door on the right, then you will be able to return to Garan. Garan informs you that Zaktan attacked the Matoran Fortress, and there are Nektanns infesting it. This takes the place of a boss. Go to the south door. Fight off 2 Scout Nektanns, 2 Repair Nektanns, a Debuff Nektann, and the 2 rock ussals that are usually there. Now go to the North door and destroy 2 defense nektanns, 1 scout nektann, and 1 combat nektann. Go in the house next door to Balta’s and kill the Guardian and the Combat Nektann. Balta’s home has the same infestation as next door, but there’s also a Scout Nektann. Go to Northeast fortress for a Combat, 2 Scouts, a repair, and a Defense nektann. Go to Dalu’s house and beat 2 Combats, and a guardian. Go to Velika/Kazi’s house for 2 combat, 2 repair, and 1 debuff. Go to the Southeast, take out 2 scouts, a defense, and a repair. Go into Piruk’s house for a Combat and 2 repairs. Note that beating some of the Nektanns will give you a piece of armor or a weapon. Now that the Exterminator’s work is done, talk to Kazi, the only matoran nice enough to thank you instead of saying their too busy. Kazi gives you a water talon, saying he tried to use it himself to fight the Nektanns, but it’s too heavy for a matoran to carry. Talk to garan… 

Chapter VI: The Piraka Virus Factory

Different looking Fire Gafnas are inside the piraka stronghold in the intro scene for some reason. Oh! Anyways… Garan decides its time to assault the Piraka Stronghold to stop them from building the Antidermis Zamor Spheres that enslave matoran. Go to the front entrance and kill the 2 Stronghold Guards. After the battle, you find that the door is locked. Talk to Garan. He tells you to go back again but look for a different entrance. Go to this other entrance. Its too small for you to fit in, tell this to Garan and he gets an idea. Ask Piruk for his pet burnak. Unfortunately, the burnak is sick. Piruk says you can help it by finding a LifeStone and an Energy Crystal. You can get the Lifestone from a fire gafna at the Black Rocks. And you can get an energy crystal from defeating a Lava Ape in the cape of no hope (really great feat to reach, beating a lava ape). return with the stone and crystal, but now piruk says that his burnak got lost somewhere south of the fortress. Go to the desert where it is, and dig the rocks to find the burnak hiding underground. Talk to piruk, then talk to garan, then go back to the small entrance. When you stand infront of the hole, the burnak climbs in. Move the burnak through the maze of vents until it comes into the main room of the Stronghold. Pull the lever and then the Stronghold unlocks. It goes back to your toa. Go into the stronghold, say hello to the burnak, then go to the control room to fight Avak. Avak has about 400 HP but he’s not that hard as long as you use the Piraka Strategy. Now the door to the Launcher Storeroom is open, so you can fight Zaktan. Zaktan will be helped by a Defense Nektann and a Combat Nektann. Just remember the Srategy and be sure to watch out for Swarm Will. Note the room looks like a bar. Talk to Garan…

Chapter VII: The Chamber of Truth

Bad News: Reidak captured one of the matoran you freed, and now Vezok is interrogating him in the Chamber of Truth. It’s up on a cliff at the Cape of No Hope, but it’s too steep to climb. Go to the teleportation platform you fought Reidak and Thok in. Since its not working, talk to Balta. He says he can get it working if he has 1 Fire Metal Piece and 1 Energy Stone. Kill a fire gafna for a fire metal piece, then go to the desert area south of the fortress for the energy stone. Give these to Balta, and he makes some pieces that will fix the teleporter. Teleport to the mountain, and you find that the front door is locked. Talk to Garan. Garan once again tells you to turn to balta. Balta says that they hid a key in the jungle somewhere in the Cape of No Hope. Get the key and show it to balta so that he knows you have the right one. Now Sneak in through a Backdoor entrance to the Chamber, past the front. Explore the Chamber of Truth until you find the interrogation room. If the Slave isnt in there, leave then come back and he’ll be there. take him to Garan. Garan decides that if you eliminate the Nektann patrol in the Cape of No Hope, than Reidak will come capture you and put you in the interrogation room for Vezok. Go to the Nektann patrol. The zone is filled with 2 Fikous, 2 Kofu-Jagas, 4 Combat Nektanns, 2 Black Nektanns, and 2 Repair Nektanns. Smash them all, then Reidak will come in and start shooting you. You cant move at all. Soon you KO and then You wake up in the interrogation room with Vezok. He will ask you some questions. Answer them correctly and Vezok gives you his version of a thanks, then locks you in a prison cell. You start pacing around for a while, then you notice the AC vent. You send your Burnak into it. Go straight to the next set of vents and take a left, your in the room with a switch now. Click! the door opens. The Burnak comes back to you and you pick it up and leave. Now’s the time to beat Reidak and Vezok. Reidak is much stronger than before, having over 600 HP! Vezok may be a bit easier than Reidak but he has even more HP (680). Remember your strategy. It doesnt hurt to have some greaves or a windstone or a weapon like the launcher, power launcher, or spear that pushes the target away. Anything to keep them from doing their melee attack. Try to fight 1 at a time. Vezok has an ability called “(element) absorb”, which makes him absorb your attack, making him stronger against the element of that attack. He rarely uses it though. Reidak may take you several tries. When you beat them, talk to garan…

Chapter VIII: The Lava Lake and the Chamber of the Mask of Life

The Piraka have been very busy at the volcano in the center of the Black Rocks, Garan thinks they’re hot on the trail of the mask of life. Go to the high place, you actually have to be 1 zone to the east and go to the path in the top left corner. Now go to the other good spying place, the Dam Station. return to Garan, and he tells you to ask Dalu about the Volcano. She says that there is a freed slave up in the village that probably knows why the Piraka are Draining the Lake. the slave says they did infact have him working to drain the lake into a reservoir. Go back to Dalu, and she says she can make heat-resistant armor for you before you go near the lava. Bring her 10 fire metal pieces. Now you have to find a spy pretending to be a slave, he’s near the lava lake. Take him to the Jungle Sanctuary, an overgrown small temple in the Cape of No Hope. The matoran will be a distraction for the Piraka now. Tell garan about the bait you set up. Now Garan tells you to find a way to drain the volcano while the piraka are gone. Go on the roof of the dam station, but there’s no way to get the elevator to work. Talk to Piruk and he says that you can get an energy stone to get the lift running, and that a repair nektann nearby has one. Go down through the south gate to the nektann. destroy the defenseless nektann easily and take the energy stone to the roof of the dam station. Go down the elevator. Take the path until you reach the vent for the Burnak. It goes in, but a trap wounds its legs so your forced to turn back. Even though you know Piruk is going to kill you, you tell him anyway. He says the Burnak needs ANOTHER lifestone. There is a Nektann Sentinal in the far north ring of ice, and Nektanns usually carry lifestones with them. Go to the sentinal, which consists of 2 Combat Nektanns, 2 Master Nektanns (*SCREAMS!*) and a Debuff Nektann. Luckily, you only have to kill the debuff, but it might get the masters to help it, so try to destroy it quickly. Give the Burnak and the Lifestone to Piruk. Honestly, I dont get how these people are able to handle their pets’ medical drama! Go back to the dam and try again. Move the Burnak thru the short and simple vent maze, pull the giant switch, then return to your toa owner. The lava has drained completely into the reservoir. You exit the station to find a really mad Hakann. He’s mad about the wild goose chase you sent him and the piraka on through the jungle. Battle him. But beware, my friend, he has 2000+ HP!!!!! The Rahi in this zone will help him. When you get a message that says “Hakann’s preparing a Mental Blast. Area of Range:(a number)” be sure to be VERY far from him. He will use a Mental Blast, an attack that takes A LOT of health from everyone around him, including the rahi helping him. This could be somewhat good for you because he’s killing some of your enemies for you. The Hikaki might come back to life in the middle of the battle though. When you somehow beat Hakann, instead of falling apart, he runs away! Tell garan of your success. Then Go into the empty crater and find the chamber of life. There’s a machine that has 3 stone-shaped keys. Tell Dalu about the locked entrance. Dalu says she knows about the 3 stones. One is in the peninsula where you started the game (near the Protodermis Lake), another is at the border between the ring of ice and the jungle in the northeast. And the last is close to Garan’s hideout. The keys are the Elemental Stones of Birth, Grown, and Death. Unlock the Chamber of Life now. While you were looking for the keys, the Piraka Broke in! All of them are inside when you get there except for Zaktan. try to fight 1 at a time. This is hard because piraka dont have to run up to you to start a battle, they can fight from the other end of the room. Thok is the easiest, and he knows it, so he helps as much as he can by using Bring Life to give the piraka lots of MP and AP. Avak is 2nd weakest, with 400 HP, he’s pretty much just another piraka for the amount of enemies you have to face. Reidak is next with his 600 HP, then Vezok with 700 and he uses the absorb on the attacks his friends use on you so he can use them, then Hakann with 2000 and his mental blast. He might take out the other Piraka with the mental blast though. Proceed to the next challenge once you annihalate the piraka. It’s the 7th Piraka! Vezon! Riding his mutant Spider Fenrakk, wielding the Spear of Fusion, and apparantly wearing the mask of life, this is one of the deadliest guys. He has about 1200 HP, so he’s not as tough as Hakann, but his attacks will shatter you. He gives himself MP and uses his Spear to use earth attacks that take your MP. It’s a good Idea to use a Power Launcher here to push him away if you have 0 MP. You do gain MP back at the end of the turn though. Use the obstacles to your advantage, and stop Vezon. Your reward is the Mask of Life! Now go to the final room. Zaktan was waiting for you to defeat the other 6 Piraka for him and now all he has to do is take the Mask of Life from you. You could beat him (relatively) easily. He still only has 450 HP, making him weaker than Reidak, Vezok, Hakann, and Vezon. As long as you stay clear of Swarm Will, this should be easy. You can also put on the Mask of Life, making you stronger against every element Now you will automatically leave and appear in Garan’s hideout. Tell him all about how you pwn3d the Piraka and saved the world and the mask… 

Chapter IX: The end

Garan thanks you for saving Voya Nui. The Mask of Life is still in your inventory, but it really flew away from the chamber and fell in the ocean to a place called Mahri Nui, starting the 2007 Campaign. But that’s a different line of games! All you have to do is explore the island, collect things, battle, gain experience, you know. Dont try to use the Onemorenight cheat and then the chapter skipping cheat,  the extra chapters arent real anyway. If you use the Nextstep Cheat, the screen goes blank because there is no next step.


Press Ctrl. and ‘ (apostrophe) on your keyboard during gameplay to acess cheats menu. Now you will be asked for 2 codes. Code 1 is “Core”, now choose one of the codes below as Code 2:

Chapter [number 0-9]: jumps to the respective chapter. ie.: “Chapter 7”

Gimmy: Gives you 1 of every item, including the Nui Blaster, Mask of Life, and Vision Mask. When this game was on Lego website, you would be unable to save any progress that happened after you used gimmy. On Tronec, it doesnt matter because it doesnt save anyway.

Pieceofcake: Gives you the Nui Blaster, Life Stone, 1 Thok Key, 3 Hidden Caves Keys, and medium attack armor of air.

Onemorenight: Allegedly adds another chapter to the game, but it infact, does nothing!

God: Rahi and other enemies will ignore you. If you use this again, the cheat deactivates.

Level [number 1-50]: Increases your level to the typed number. ie.: “level 8”.  Note that you cant “level down”

Fight: makes enemies attack the player. If you use this again, the cheat deactivates.

Info: shows asset path, webservice path, and number of available chapters.

Where: Shows your name, what zone, or map, your in, what tile, or cell, of that zone your standing on, and how many enemies are in your zone.

Build: Shows the build number (the version of the game) that your playing. (the latest one is “Finale 1.0.2”)

Skin [Number 1-109]: My favorite cheat! Changes the appearance of the player to the chosen number, here is the effects of each number: 1= toa hewkii, 2= toa nuparu, 3= toa hahli, 4= toa matoro, 5= toa jaller, 6= toa kongu, 10= avak, 11= hakann, 12= reidak, 13= thok, 14= vesok, 15= zaktann, 16= water gafna (yellow-eyed version), 17= defense nektann, 18= burnak, 19= lava ape, 20= shore turtle, 21= fikou, 22= kofu-jaga, 23= rock ussal, 24= guardian, 25= vezon & fenrakk (“7th piraka), 26= hikaki, 27= hoto, 28= frozen tree, 101= velika, 102= garan, 103= dalu, 104= kazi, 105= balta, 106= piruk, 107= box (XD), 108= matoran slave, 109= frozen tree (again???). All other numbers turn you invisible! there is a glitch with certain skins where if you use a weapon like an ion launcher or a nui blaster the game lags and then the enemy takes its damage.

Nextstep: skips to the next quest

Step [number 1-107]: moves you to that quest. (25, 26, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 84, and 93 wont work)

 Cancel: abandons battle.

Move [number 1-532]: Moves to the zone with the number you typed (23, 33, 331, 476, 490, 492, 493, 516, 517, and 518 do not work). Note that the player might be stuck inside a wall or other place where you cant move. Teleport to a different zone or exit to main menu and continue game to fix this. Note that rooms 1-20 and a few others are not real parts of the island. Room 1 is a stack of lego bricks. Room 525 is a small icey island with no exit and Avak’s there for you to battle.

Equip [number 2-291]: Gives you the respective inventory item, (3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 29, 32, 34, 203, 204, 205, 209, 210, 211, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 240 and 248 dont work). Cant be used during a battle.

Spell: Shows your weapons. It will say “sort actuel:” and your weapons. Empty spaces will be labeled “undefined”

Makemerich: Gives you 10 of each shard.

Random # #: Will say “Random undefined-undefined :NaN”

Random [any number] [any number]: just shows some number…

Itemlist: says “012345” and then “undefined” if you dont have items. If you do, the game messes up.

Cheats that do nothing

There are certain cheats that have no appearant effect. Maybe it gives you 5 invisible dollars like what I give to my friends!: Onemorenight (see above), Anim, Scripts, Random (see both “randoms” above), Itemlist (see above).

also, as code 1, you can put the codes: ui, audio, and worker, instead of core, these codes work but do nothing…

Inventory Guide

Here is some explanations for in-battle stuff:


HP- Health Points. Once these reach zero, you die. You start with 100 but as you level up, you can gain more.

AP- Action Points. The more AP you have, the more attacks you can use before your turn ends. Armor gives you more AP.

MP- Move Points. The more MP you have, the more steps you can move per turn. Greaves give you more MP.

RP- Range Points. If you raise your RP, your weapons will have more range than usual (excluding melee weapons like Claws). Kanohi give you more RP.

Exp. Points and Levels- Experience Points are gained whenever you complete a set of quests, or win a battle. If you lose a battle, you lose some Exp. When you reach a certain amount of Exp. You will level up. The Highest level is 50. For each level you gain, you get a point that you can add to your values.

Values- there are 3 values: Attack, Defense, and Technique. You can add to your values after you level up. Every time ANY value goes up, so does your HP

Attack- a value. Increases the power of your attacks, and your HP

Defense- a value. Decreases how much HP you lose from enemy attacks, and adds to your HP

Technique- a value. Makes you less likely to miss, your enemies more likely to miss, and also gives you a higher critical hit ratio and HP.


Name-AP cost-ammo-Average Damage- description

Special Toa (element)-

(element) launcher-7-8-17- The launcher has a crossed range (enemy has to be in a straight line and not diagnol). It also pushes the enemy 2 spaces away when it hits.

(element) power launcher-7-8-40- the Power launcher is a stronger launcher. It pushes the enemy 4 spaces instead of 2.

(element) spear-5-∞-6- very weak but pushes the enemy 0-2 spaces. crossranged

(element) harpoon-5-∞-22- like a spear but stronger, it also PULLS the enemy 4 spaces towards you.

(element) claw-4-∞-3- a weak melee weapon.

(element) talon-4-∞-11- a sharper claw thats stronger.

(element) slash-7-15-9- a melee weapon.

(element) reaver-7-15-27- a more powerful slash.

(element) ripper-8-10-31- a strong melee weapon.

(element) shredder-8-7-47- an enhanced shredder thats the most powerful melee weapon.

(element) zamor launcher-6-10-3- a really long ranged weapon.

enhanced (element) zamor launcher-6-10-17- a stronger long ranged weapon.

(element) ion launcher-10-7-32- a long ranged weapon that can hit up to 3 targets at once! The fire ion launcher is actually called the lava launcher.

enhanced (element) ion launcher-10-5-42- a deadly long ranged weapon that can hit several targets at once!! The enhanced fire ion launcher is actually called the Enhanced lava launcher.

Nui Blaster-1-∞-1500- This epic weapon is long ranged. It does 500 fire damage, then 500 air damage, then 500 water damage!

Life Stone-8-∞-+10- Use this to heal yourself.

Powerful life stone-8-∞-+22- Better than the life stone.

Soul Stone-1-1-+50- Better than Powerful life stone, except that you can only use it once.

Powerful Soul Stone-1-1-+100- Better than the soul stone. This is very useful if your health is extremely low. Remember, you can only use it once per battle.

Wind Stone-5-3-+2 MP- You can increase your MP for 1 turn to get away from your enemy. Useful against bosses.

Range Pack-5-∞-1 RP- Decreases the range of every enemy in the battle.

Improved Range Pack-5-∞-2 RP- Better than the Range Pack.

Slow Motion Pack-4-1-10 MP- Slows every enemy enemy, usually to a complete halt.

Improved Slow Motion Pack-8-∞-2 MP- Doesnt take as much MP but can be used more than once.

Teleportation Pack-6-3-N/A- Teleports you to another space within a short range.

Improved Teleportation Pack-7-4-N/A- Teleports you within a longer range than Teleportation Pack.

Slow Action Pack-8-∞-1 AP- Takes AP from every enemy.

Improved Slow Action Pack-8-∞-2 AP- better than the Slow Action Pack, may even prevent all attacks.

Vision Pack-3-5-+1 RP- Increases your range.

Improved Vision Pack-3-5-+2 RP- Better than Vision Pack


There are 3 types of equipments: Kanohi (masks/helmets), Armor, and Greaves. Also, there’s attack equipment (increases bonus for a certain element), and defense equipment (increases resistance for a certain element).


  • Regular (Defense/Attack)- +10 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +5 for others and +1 RP
  • Noble (Defense/Attack)- +20 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +10 for others and +2 RP
  • Great (Defense/Attack)- +40 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +20 for others and +3 RP
  • Mask of Life- +50 Resistance/Bonus for ALL elements and +3 RP
  • Vision Mask- +5 RP


  • Light (Defense/Attack)- +10 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +5 for others and +1 AP
  • Medium (Defense/Attack)- +20 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +10 for others and +2 AP
  • Heavy (Defense/Attack)- +40 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +20 for others and +3 AP


  • Light (Defense/Attack)- +10 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +5 for others and +1 MP
  • Medium (Defense/Attack)- +20 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +10 for others and +2 MP
  • Heavy (Defense/Attack)- +40 Resistance/Bonus for specific element, +20 for others and +3 MP

Enemy Guide

Name-usual health-exp. reward- description


they are relatively weak enemies and the most common Rahi

Earth Gafna-20-40- You can find these in the jungles.

Ice Gafna-15-50- These rahi can be found in the ring of ice. They are the weakest rahi. 2 can be found in the Black Rocks for some reason.

Water Gafna-15-70- These rahi are in the sandy beaches. they are as weak as the ice gafnas.

Stone Gafna-50-200- These guys are in the desert.

Air Gafna-70-200- These are usually found in groups. You can find them mostly in deserts, but also sometimes in jungles.

 Fire Gafna-200-4500- Pretty agressive and chases after you for a battle usually upon seeing you. Found only in the Black Rocks


Tougher enemies. Have the elements of gafnas, but there’s other rare ones.

Earth Burnak-30-80-They look tough, but they’re not, their color blends with the jungles they live in dont you think?

Protodermis Burnak-70-600-Only one in the Protodermis Lake. Has a water attack that can take RP

Ice Burnak-80-200-They really arent that strong. They usually appear in large groups in the Ring of Ice.

Stone Burnak-90-1500- Found around the deserts. they will usually be alone but there’s on camp of them at the end of a jungle.

Air Burnak-130-1500- Similar to the Stone burnak. They too like being alone. 

Water Burnak-160-2000-A really Strong Burnak, found in the beaches (sometimes the icey ones).

Fire Burnak-310-5000- Tough and agressive, found in the Black Rocks.

Stronghold Guard-320-5000-Like the Fire burnak, but darker red and has blue eyes. They stand infront of the Piraka Stronghold and you cant distract them away. Can usually get 2 attacks in 1 turn.


Robots that help the Piraka. These usually appear only when certain events trigger, but there are exceptions

Scout Nektann-25-500- Basic Nektanns. There are some in the Nui Caves and Piraka owned caves, and 1 in the Matoran Village. Has Air attacks.

Guardian-10-500- These little guys may be weak, but they’re easy to miss, have high MP and long range.

Defense Nektann-50-800- The most common Nektann. Not too hard to defeat. Has a Stone/Fire attack and ropes to pull you to them.

Repair Nektann-50-500- They dont attack. They have a move that gives all allies stuff like MP, AP, and RP, and they have ropes to pull their friends from danger, and an attack that gives BACK HP that their friends lost.

Debuff Nektann-100-1000- Also has no attacks. Uses an infinite ranged move that takes away your MP, AP, and RP.

Key Master-200-2000- Looks like a Defense Nektann, but stronger and there’s only 3 of them. Defeating one gives you one of the hidden caves key.

Black Nektann-80-500- A nektann that’s rare and only appears in 2 quests. The Black Nektanns use a move similar to the Repair and Debuff Nektanns, and a stone attack that pushes you 1 space away.

Combat Nektann-210-2000- A tougher nektann. They have a fire attack that’s both long and short ranged.

Master Nektann-430-2000- Deadly Nektann. Wields a fire attack that can do up to 100 damage in 1 move! In return, your attacks will miss them a lot. Fight them with caution. They patrol inside Zaktan’s cave in the Black Rocks area.


The main enemies. They are taking over Voya Nui so they can find the Mask. They are usually bosses at the end of the level.

Reidak (1st 2 battles)-120-2000- Uses Zamor spheres and a buzz saw to do serious damage. You fight him in the Wastelands by the village and at the teleportation platform with Thok.

Reidak (last 2 battles)-640-9000-Attacks are the same as past reidak (might be a little stronger), but his stats are improved. Fought in the Chamber of Truth and the Chamber of Life 

Thok-200-2000- Has a Zamor launcher and an Ice Gun. He isnt too hard to beat. His ability “Bring Life” will make his allies have more MP and AP, Fought in the ring of ice by a place with weapons and in the Teleportation Platform with reidak, and in the chamber of life.

Zaktan-460-6000- Has a zamor launcher and 3-bladed scissor. He’s not the strongest, but he’s one of the most agressive. When the Protodites (insects that his skin is made of), start moving around on him, He’s about to use Swarm Will. Which makes him hit you a bunch of times, taking your health while healing himself at the same time. Fought in the Protodermis Lake, the stronghold, and the very end of the chamber of life.

Avak-410-8000- His zamor launcher can push you a few spaces away. He can use his Seismic Pickaxe at short range. He’s fought in the Control room of the Piraka Stronghold and in the chamber of life.

Vezok-700-2000- Hard to defeat. He fights with his Water Harpoon. His HP has the widest range of amounts, from 680 at the least to 715. He can absorb the power of an attack and make him strong against it, or even use it. He even does this to his allies, (I found that out when I was fighting Vezok and Reidak and Vezok used a stone attack). Fought in the Chamber of Truth and Chamber of Life.

Hakann-2000-10000- Extremely destructive. He uses his Lava Launcher for long and short range. The long range has a small area effect similar to Ion Launchers (the lava launcher is actually a fire ion launcher) and hurts you and any of HIS friends that happen to be next to you. He also uses Mental Blast, which gives you a warning 1 turn earlier, and destroys everything in its range which goes up every time he uses it. Fought twice in the same chapter, once by the dam, and once in the chamber of life

Vezon/Fenrakk (“7th Piraka”)-1200-2000- He has earth attacks that do alot of damage and take MP and AP. It’s a good idea to have launchers against him. He’s fought only once, in the second room of the chamber of life.

Other Rahi

Any other enemy

Kofu-Jaga-120-2000- Big Scorpions that sting with a fire attacks. They dont do a lot in the story, they’re just there. They can be found in the deserts and jungles beyond the the Nui Caves, and there’s 1 in the Black Rocks. They can take away MP with their attacks.

Fikou-180-2000- Big spiders with the same attacks as Kofu-Jagas, except that they are earth, and that your MP loss will last the rest of the battle. Found in deserts and jungles beyond the Nui Caves.

Rock Ussal-220-600- A crab-type creature that has weak water attacks. They take MP away though, and it’s difficult to beat, especially when it’s health is low because it uses a move that raises its resistance to each element. They’re found mostly in the jungles all over the island, but sometimes there’s a few in the desert.

Ussal Crab-270-1500-More agressive than a Rock Ussal. Attacks multiple times per turn. They are only in the overgrown cave in a hole in the ground, which is in the eastern jungle.

Hikaki-300-6000- This dinosuar thingy has a longranged fire attack. It can do a move that gives itself more MP, causing it to run across the zone like the maniac it is. Found only in the Black Rocks

Lava Ape-550-8000- They live in the Cape of No Hope. They’re very powerful and use Short-Ranged earth attacks. They also can use ropes to pull you to them. A “Blocking Lava Ape” is the exact same thing, but behaves differently outside of battle. The Blocking Lava Ape blocks the bridge in the northern peninsula, doesnt move, and when you distract it, it runs to you but doesnt fight unless you click it.

Shore Turtle-650-9000- They’re attacks arent that strong, but they can take RP and they have a LOT of resistance. They have Earth and Stone attacks. The hardest enemy in the rahi category. They live in the beaches in the Cape of No Hope.

Frozen Tree-

  1. Nice walkthrough. The cheats were a lot of fuN!

  2. when I Kill the blocking lava ape, he disappears and I can’t go through the bridge anymore

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